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Real Estate Law for purchasers and sellers

Our experienced lawyers will guide you through the whole purchasing or selling process, analyze the risks and organise the transaction on your behalf from the beginning to the end.

Real Estate transaction in Spain are a risk for foreign investors, as they are not familiar with the regulations, with their legal rights and obligations and with the Spanish custom. In these cases a specialised lawyer can minimize the risks, give you important advice and coordinate the purchase or selling process.

Service for Purchasers:

We take over and organise the whole transaktion. First, we check the legal status of the property. This is the most important step; Land Registry check of ownership and liens and encumbrances, check of possible debts, check of construction according to the planing and building regulations.
The next step is the preparation of a option contract or private purchase contract, which will be redacted both in Spanish and in your own language. We will organise the Spanish tax number, which is mandadory for purchasing. Furthermore we will organise the preparation of the purchase deed and of the whole the notary appointment for the signing of the deed. After the notary appointment, in which our lawyers will be present, we organise the payment of the purchase taxes on your behalf and organise the inscription in the Land Registry.

Service for Sellers:

If you have decided to sell your property, we offer you to take care of all legal steps. We check the documents of the property and apply for documents needed for the sale on your behalf. We prepare an option contract or private purchase contract in Spanish and in your own language and check the correct transfer of the down-payment. Later we check the purchase deed and introduce clauses in your benefit. Finally, our lawyers will accompany you to the signing of the purchase deed at the public notary and will secure the correct payment of the purchase price.

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