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Tax Calculations

Calculate the real estate relevated taxes for properties on the Balearic Islands

On this page, we provide the possibility to calculate the most important taxes for Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza, in relation to real estate properties. We would like to emphesize that the calculations and informations provided in this section are only informative and not binding and we do not accept any liability for the accuracy of the results.

Tax Calculation

Transmission Tax on the Balearic Islands

Calculate Transmission Tax
Calculate the Balearic transmission tax by entering the value of the properties and the percentage of ownership which is transmitted.

Purchase Costs

Calculate Purchase Costs
Calculate the approximate purchase costs for a property on the Balearic Islands, including transmission tax, notary fees and land registry fees. The fees of the lawyer are not included as they depend on the cases.

Wealth Tax for Non Residents

Calculate Wealth Tax
Calculate the approximate wealth tax for holding properties situated on the Balearic Islands. The highest value between purchase price, cataster value or value fixed by tax authorithies has to be applied. In most cases this will be the purchase price.

Capital Gain Tax on property sales

Calculate Capital Gain Tax
Calculate the Capital Gain Tax for Non Residents on real estate property sales.

Municipal Plusvalía Tax on property sales

Calculate Plusvalía Tax
Calculate the Plusvalía Tax for property sales in the municipalities of Palma, Calvia and Andratx. Fill in the catastre value of the plot (not the total catastre value) and the dates of purchase and sale.